Salinas Rodeo 2009

Calf Roping

Schipper Design+ designed the program for the California Rodeo Salinas so we were fortunate enough to get free tickets to go to the event. I have never experienced the rodeo, nor had i ever had a previous desire to go to one, so i was not quite sure what i was in for. But i have to say it was more fun than i thought it would be. There are quite a few events going on, sometimes two at once. The event in the photo above is Calf Roping where the guy chases the calf with his horse, ropes his neck, hops off the horse (while it’s still galloping), then proceeds to tackle the calf onto it’s back and ties 3 legs up. At first It’s a little hard to watch as it gets jerked back, then see it flailing around as it’s tackled to the ground. But then you sorta get used to it. I actually don’t think the calfs care so much. After they are released they just run away like nothing happened.

Lunch TimeNachoes

Jeff had a burrito and i had some nachoes for lunch. Mmm, wasn’t that good. LOL.


Here is the poster that Rita designed. The program was designed by Angie, and the cover for the program looked like this poster.

Crown RoyalDiane at the Rodeo

The Crown Royal clown was hanging out where our bleacher seats were, and he was playing tricks on people by laying his rope out and catching people’s feet as they were walking by. It was kinda funny. He handed us some cool Crown Royal patches. Jeff placed it on his hat, i put it on my halter top.

A Sea of Bulls!

Walking back to the car, we saw all the calves, bulls and cows hangin’ out back waiting for the turn of torture. Haha. Oh what life would be like to be livestock! Mooo. Yee haw!

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