1st Offer on our 1st Home

1st offer on 1st house!

Mike drafted up the offer for us last night after we toured the house and emailed it to us to sign. So much drama printing this friggin’ thing out! It was about 15 pages long, and so i printed it on my 5 year old HP all-in-one printer scanner. Good deal, no? Well my printer margins are too big so it cut off the bottom parts of the document. I try to mess with settings but my Mac’s “Preview” pdf program won’t let me. I download Acrobat Reader, install, try setting margins, and print. OK that works, but then now the ink is running low so we can’t even read the sucker. Parts of it are in blue color, and i think my color ink is running low, but i know for sure my black ink is full, so i try to print in just black and white, but cant figure that out! UGH! OK, so we settle on just use the one with the footer cut off,…. who cares. About half way through us reading and signing it, Jeff and I look at each other and think that this is too important to f* up so we decide to put it on the jump drive, go to Kinkos and then stop at McDonalds for some ice cream cones as a treat. Get in the car, drive there, and its CLOSED! UGH. So we planned on getting up early next morning and driving over to Jeff’s workplace to print it on their laser printer and sign all 15 pages to have the bid ready for Mike to present to the listing agent. Phew!

Hope our +$17,500 bid price is good enough to nab the house!

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