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Birthday Gifts!

I wanted to document all of the wonderful birthday gifts i received for my 26th birthday!

From the left to right:
Wen Hair Products – Mom
I guess this is a mail-order hair product line that celebrities use. I still have to try it. I am almost out of hair product so perfect timing!

Incredible Desserts – Briana
Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes + Cupcake gift bag – Kathy
Both my coworker and boss bought me a cookbooks on desserts! They know i am cupcake queen, so very fitting. They said they will be anxiously awaiting my first recipe attempt from these books. =)

Hello Kitty Tupperware – Jill
I was mentioning to my sister over chat one day that i wanted more cute lunch box containers to take my lunches in. She mailed me this along with some Taj-branded Honey Balls that were flavored melon, grape, and some other weird flavors!

Hello Kitty Key Chain Cover
– Rita
How cute is this! There is another blue one i already put on my home key.

Charm Bracelet – Lisa & Mike
Jeff’s parent’s got me this pretty silver and gold bracelet. I especially love the way that it looks like a cord but it’s made out of a silver material and the way it hangs down on your hand.

Recipe Box + Coupon Organizer – Rita
What could be better than retro birdie designs and containers to organize stuffs!

Water Bottle + Carrier + Lunch Bag – Mom
Mom knows i go to the gym a lot so she bought me a reusable water jug and a snug sleeve to keep the water cold and keep it from sweating. She also got this handy lunch bag from an Office supply store. I use it everyday Mom i love it!

Not pictured:
Workout Tops – Rita
My gym buddy/coworker knows I need to look stylish at the gym as a group ex instructor AND gym rat.

Adidas Shoes – Jeff
I went to the outlet malls and picked out two pairs of much needed shoes! 1 pair of "cold-weather" trail running shoes in grey and green and 1 pair of regular running shoes in pink and blue.

Bath Stuff + Top + Necklace + Makeup Bag – Patti
Patti always sends me Bath and Body Works for my birthday, so i can restock my shelves without going to the store myself! How perfect. Also a pretty blue flower necklace, 2 makeup bags, and a purple ruffled top.

Cranium Board Game – John
OMG best gift ever – Cranium is a game that i’ve played quite a few times now with Bonnie and Kyle. This version is apparently the "WOW" Edition – meant for adults, and something like 66% more fun! WHOA now.

I think that is it. Hope i’m not missing anybodies gift. I got some moolah of course from my fam bam which is going straight into our CD to save for our house! THANKS EVERYONE for the birthday gifts.

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I have that same lunch bag except in a different color. I got it for Christmas.

Kristen Y.  |  Jul 13, 2009 at 1:26 pm

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