Oh! Sushi.

Oh! Sushi

Since I’ve been so busy this week teaching group exercise (i taught every single day of this week), Jeff asked me out on a sushi date for tonight! We planned on going to a new resturant in Seaside called Oh! Sushi. I was surprised to discover they have the same menus as Ninja Sushi.

We ordered a Hungry Roll (salmon, tuna, cali roll), Pacific Roll (coconut shrimp, cali roll), Beef Yakisoba (fried noodles), and a side salad. The food was good, a decent price, and came out really fast. Though service at the end of our meal was rather slow. They also gave us a free end-of-dinner appetizer thing that was a type of mushroom in a sweet sauce.

Their dipping sauce was not soy sauce — it was like a combo of tempura sauce and soy sauce. I concluded by the end of the night they must do this because a lot of their rolls are deep fried, or have a shrimp tempura inside of it. All in all, a good place and we’ll probably go back again.

Pacific Roll + Hungry Roll

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