Rita’s Birthday Night

Michelle. Rita. Jolly.

Even though Jeff just came home from Oregon tonight, i decided to go out (without him) and celebrate Rita’s 25th birthday up at Club WET in San Jose. The venue was a new club, though i’d been there before when it was called Glo. The insides look a lot nicer than the old club, and the DJ was pretty good, better than Vivid in my opinion, thought they did repeat soe songs. It was a fun night, though i must say I saw some pretty skanky-ass girls up in that club. I guess a lot of people wear dresses to clubs nowadays? I am totally not comfortable with dancing in a club with a short dress on. Nonetheless, us girls had a lot of fun drinking & dancing (and the boys had fun too i guess? who knows, they were so quiet). Thanks and Happy Birthday to my friend/coworker/gym buddy Rita!

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