Torie & Orlando’s Wedding

Torie & Orlando's Wedding

Today was Torie & Orlando’s wedding, which was over 2 years in the making! They make such a great couple, I am so happy they have found each other. Orlando is a really really awesome guy, he always has a smile on his face, and he is always treating Torie with so much love and respect.

The theme of the wedding celebrated Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Here are more photos from the day.

Torie & Orlando's WeddingTorie & Orlando's Wedding

Look at how long her veil and dress is.

Torie & Orlando's WeddingTorie & Orlando's Wedding

The ceremony was a Catholic ceremony, with lots of singing and reading, and standing and sitting. It was interesting, as i’ve never been to one. My favorite part was the lasso – rosary beads that are placed in a figure 8 over the couple’s heads.

Torie & Orlando's WeddingTorie & Orlando's Wedding

Aztec dancers performed at the reception. Here is the altar for the deceased.

Torie & Orlando's WeddingTorie & Orlando's Wedding

Torie made and decorated sugar skulls as favors/decor for the wedding. Orlando made these cake toppers which as you can see are also decked out in the theme. How cute! Orlando also drew a very adorable comic book story on how the two met in art class.

Torie & Orlando's WeddingTorie & Orlando's Wedding

Awww, Orlando and Jeff are dancing together. By the end of the night, Orlando even gave Jeff a paper flower. This is a funny group picture…hehe…us wives, them husbands.

Torie & Orlando's WeddingTorie & Orlando's Wedding

Overall the wedding was a blast. The dance floor was pretty packed most of the time, which usually never happens at weddings! We ended up leaving a little early since it was a pretty long day. The ceremony started at 2pm, and we didn’t leave the reception until 9:30pm (there was some time between the events). Torie and Orlando are going to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for their honeymoon. I hope we begin to spend some more time with Torie and Orlando when they get back – we don’t hang out enough and they are really fun people. Sometimes I think we forget what good friends we have.

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