Tehani Visits – Yay for Omiyage!

This weekend Tehani came to visit with us. She is a very good friend of mine from Hawai’i, whom I have known since the fourth grade. We lived pretty close to each other so we would always carpool to school together. But the last time I saw her was abour 3-4 years ago. Tehani is currently living in Okayama, Japan, going to school to learn Japanese and teaching English. We had a great time asking her all kinds of questions about Japan. She gave us some great omiyage (gifts). Check it out!

Sake and Wine CoolerKirin Beer

Sake “juice box” – should that really be in a kids kind of container? Well, it is Japan after all. The “Strong” drink is actually a “girly” wine cooler type drink. The Kirin Beers are so mini but so cute! They are about the size of Treetop apple juice cans. The wording on them is funny. “Open up the smooth taste that goes perfectly with good times.” Kampai! (Bottoms Up!)

Hangover Cure?Children's Beer

This bottle is a “hangover prevention” elixir type drink. It looks a little “syrupy”. I love the kitty on the container. This beer on the right came in a package with it’s own plastic cup and powdered beer. You add cold water, watch it go “moku, moku, moku” and then drink the frothy, sugary, goodness. Awww, Japanese kids can be just like daddy and drink a mug of biiru! (beer)

Kit Kat Watermelon, Black Black GumJapan Snacks

“Black Black” gum with nicotine (its strong!), Watermelon Kit Kat, Chocolate Wafer-type cookies in colorful kiddie packages. However, they are probably meant to be marketed towards everyone – everything in Japan is super kawaii (cute).

Mochi charactersCute Mochi box

Expires 08.08.08Mochi

Kibidango – Sweet mochi – which is a glutinous dessert made of rice flour, water, and sugar. This clever box features a character that supposedly hailed from Tehani’s town of Okayama. Look, it expires on 08.08.08.

Hello KittyStrawberry Milk Socks

I think Momotaro who came from Okayama as well? Is he Hello Kitty’s friend? Not sure. This is a pad of paper, and a really weird holey eraser (now is that really efficient?). The socks say “Strawberry Milk” on them. For whatever reason, Japanese people really dig Strawberry flavored milk. Kore wa watashi no suki na! (This is my favorite!)

Arigatou to Tehani for the bringing the gifts!

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Cool stuff! I liked the beer the best! “Brewed for Good Times”

Jeff  |  Aug 03, 2008 at 9:29 pm

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