Tehani Visits – Point Lobos & Monterey

On Saturday, while my friend Tehani was visiting with us, we went to Point Lobos. Fortunately it was a nice sunny day, as compared to the last time we went when it was cold and foggy. Even though Jeff and I just recently went to this park, we did an additional trail so we saw some different things.

SeagullTehani and Diane

We picnicked on the rocks and this friendly (and hungry) seagull thought he could get in on the action. He didn’t though. Here is a picture of Tehani and I (Note: She is standing on a rock which make her look taller than me!)

Point Lobos SealsTehani and Diane

This little cover looks so gorgeous. There were quite a few seals laying on the rocks.


We saw a couple of deer – a fawn and a doe. They were so cute! Just munching away on the grass right next to the trail. In the ocean, we noticed there was a lot of kelp! But no otter sightings.

Jeff is posingJeff and Diane Point Lobos

Jeff enjoying the view. Me and Jeff – what a beautiful background!

Today we had planned to go to the aquarium, but we ended up not being able to go because we had to leave Monterey at 2 to get Tehani to the airport on time. The line on a weekend during summers is SO LONG! Need to remember that and be sure to buy tickets online next time. Instead, we walked around Cannery Row and Fisherman’s Wharf. We had lunch at Petras. Yummy greek food! Here are some pictures, we saw more seals!

Get off my Rock!Two Seals on a Rock

This seal was hanging out on the rock, then all of sudden another one comes up and starts barking at him. I guess its a coveted rock! The other one briefly got up on it, but then ended up going back in the water. It was fun to see them interact.

Lone Dalmatian SealSea Birds

This seal is spotted! And the rock he was hanging out on was underwater so it looked like he was floating. On the right, there were many sea birds chilling on smaller rocks. The one in the middle looks like a pelican. i think.
Pirate Ship?

There were 3 cool pirate-like ships docked at the wharf. Right after I took this picture, Jeff got bird shit on his face and shirt! Ewwww.

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I love pt lobos and I always love your pictures you take such nice pictures. Can’t wait for you two to make babies, get on it already lol.

Looks like it really was a beautiful day.

christina  |  Aug 04, 2008 at 5:28 pm

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