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Diane & Jeffrey » Baby Shower

Baby Shower

The Girls

Torie, Patti and Rita threw me a baby shower on June 12, 2011. It was held at Rita’s big 5 bedroom house out in Creekbridge. I invited a few family members and some close friends. I didn’t realize that it was graduation time so quite a few people couldn’t make it. But it was still a good turnout and my party-planners did an excellent job!

Rita made the invitations and the decorations. Its a Mommy and Daddy bunny and a baby bunny with an umbrella! Torie also made me a binder of guest’s well wishes and predictions for the new baby.

Shower Invite

Its a Bunny Family

I love how you can see the bunny butt! LOL!

Gifts and Wall

When i walked in i see a big wall of my belly shots! A little embrassing but still cute. Here’s all my gifts too!

Bunny Cupcakes Peanut Butter Flavor

Torie made these cute bunny cupcakes! Marshmallow body and chocolate bunny ears!

Diaper Cake & Carrot Favors

This is the diaper cake Rita made, and the carrot favors Patti made. Inside was chocolate crisps wrapped in a bunny foil.


We enjoyed some snacks (chips, fruit, veggies, crackers and cheese) and soda, while everyone filled out a piece of paper with advice, well wishes, and guesses on when the baby will come.

There was also a baby pool calendar where you can bet money on when the baby will come.

Guess the Date

Of course Patti but the baby will come on HER birthday! =)

Paula and Her Zumba Shirt Carrie's Poop Deck!

Everyone decorated a onesie using fabric pens. A few people said they’d take theirs home to decorate and send back to me.


Here are the finished shirts!

Diaper Cake from Candace

I got anothe diaper cake from my cousins Sandee, Candice and Aunty Mary. Chock full of goodies and diapers!

Sandee and Candace

They drove all the way up from LA – in the morning and then had to drive back home to go to work the next day! I am so glad they could make it up.

Memory Book from Lisa

Opened all my gifts. Jeff’s mom sent a special gift for me to open which was a baby memory book.

Mouse Outfit

Lots of clothes, diapers and blankets! I LOVE this mousie pajamas. So cute! You can see more of my shower gifts on my Flickr Set for the Baby Shower.

Now here are some photos of the guests!

Paula, Diane & Sandy

My gym buddies, Paula and Sandy.

Diane & Momi

My closet living relative (geographicalyl speaking), Momi – she is my Dad’s cousin.

Rebecca and Diane

Rebecca, my long-time friend Renee’s sister, who is also pregnant and due in September with a little girl!

Carrie, Lilia & Diane

Carrie and her 5 month old daughter Lilia. We went to college together.

Diane & Rita

Miss Rita – hostess with the mostess and friend/co-worker.

Patti and Evan

Patti and her 8 month old boy Evan. He is too adorable in that outfit.


Torie! My “wife” and ex-roomie! I didnt get a photo WITH her,… nor did i with her sister Amy, below.



Heres all my gifts after being opened. There was a diaper raffle so i am pretty set with diapers – least for a little bit! Candace won the diaper raffle. We also played the guess the belly size game with the ribbon. Amy won that one!¬†Most everyone’s guesses¬†were “too big” but Amy’s was “just right!”

I had a fun time with my friends and family. I still can’t believe i will actually have to use all these tiny clothes and smelly diapers in just a couple of months. How will i do it all? Glad to have a few friends that can give me advice!

On this day..

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