34 week Ultrasound


Had my 34 week check up today with the OBGYN and he wanted to do an ultrasound to check amniotic fluid levels and the growth of the baby.

Baby’s cheeks where so chubby compared to last time! It’s hands were up close to it’s face and it was moving around a bit in there. We were able to get a pretty good profile shot this time (last time we couldn’t).


The doctor measure all it’s parts – the femur, the head, the abdomen, and some other stuff. Mostly it’s measuring 1 week behind. The abdomen was about 2 weeks behind and the doctor seemed a little concerend at first but at the end of the check up he said its still within “normal” range and not to worry.


The weight estimate of this little one at it’s current state is about 4 lbs and 4 ozs. So i think that’s pretty good! Here is a scary hollow eye shot! I think he/she was waving at us. Just a few more weeks till we can see that pretty face.


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