33 Weeks + 4 Days

33 weeks 4 days

Here is my 33 week belly shot! Day of my baby shower. While i’ve been looking forward to the weather heating up so i could wear more dresses, there were really only a couple in my closet that looked good on my big belly! I think i look a lot “bigger” in a dress versus in jeans and tight tank.

Getting more uncomfortable as weeks go by, harder to breathe and bit harder to sleep at night to get comfortable. My mountain of pillows is ruling our bed. I have two under my head, one for my back and a body pillow in the front! Normally i only use 2 pillows, one for my head and one for my legs.

The last class i taught was back in May. While i could probably still teach fine, i just rather not have to worry about remembering routines and when i might have to possibly teach. So i’ve been going on walks during lunch and sometimes after work – with or without a partner. Still doing Turbo Kick and weights/squats/yoga at home. It’s hard to slow down but i am doing ok with it.

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