28 Weeks + Ordered a Crib

28 weeks 4 days

28 weeks and 4 days. Getting bigger, little by litte. I can feel the baby move so much more now! I don’t actually enjoy it very much as much as other pregnant ladies seem to… oh well. I am glad to know its alive in there but would appreciate more subtle movements. I especially do not like the rolling feeling in my whole tummy. A little job or poke is fine. But seriously…

Crib we ordered

Here is the crib we ordered. It is the newest crib and apparently “flying off the shelves”. Its a pretty good deal at $299 plus we got it 20% off. We had to order it from the store since the last one was just sold to a couple before us.  Should be here in a couple of weeks. Still have to buy a mattress. Not sure which to get yet.

On this day..

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I personally would splurge on a nicer mattress because if they aren’t comfortable they might not sleep well. Maddie slept soo much better once we got her a really nice mattress on her twin bed

christina stratton  |  May 13, 2011 at 9:04 am

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