Visiting Chicago

I went to visit Taylor and her family in Chicago for an extended weekend (Thu Night – Mon Night). We visited several museums and just hung out talking late at night. I miss my best friend! She is also pregnant and due at the end of June, expecting a baby girl. It was Easter weekend so I had fun doing kid-easter things like dying eggs, easter baskets and egg hunts. =)

Magic Mirror

Sofia loves Disney princesses (what little girl doesn’t?) so she was showing me the Beauty and the Beast magical mirror in the Disney store.

Beard Papas

Some Beard Papas fresh cream puffs for a mid-morning snack (hey we’re pregnant, we can right?)


It’s a magic bean! – At Millenium Park.

Spitting Faces

Interesting art installations.


Chicago Aquarium

Went to the aquarium. Luckily Taylor has season passes and we didnt have to wait in the mile-long line! We were in there for about an hour maybe then i started to feel sick from taking my prenatals on an empty stomach. And then Taylor got bit by a wasp! So we decided to leave! But it was a nice aquarium. Just a little busy.

Chicago Skyline

The view from the aquarium/museum area.


At the Field Museum.


Sofia loves taking her picture. Mainly because she likes to see the digital photo right after its taken.  “Can i see?!”

Picking a Flower

Picking a flower for Sofia.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Chicago deep dish pizza! It was 10x better than i expected. I thought it’d be too much topping but actually its quite bready and very good. Lots of butter! Reminded me of foccacia bread with pizza topping.


Getting ready to dye Easter eggs.


With our aprons on!


Opening easter gifts from relatives.


Bunny ears!! And eating a boiled egg 😉


We went to the Science museum. They had a lot of cool exhibits there including the traveling Body exhibit which was freaky but cool. They had real fetuses there from conception till full-term. That was weird, looking at exactly the size my lil baby was inside of me. Pretty fascinating.


Here is a replica of downtown chicago. The brown building in the middle is Taylor’s apartment.


They had lil chicks in an incubator thing as one of the exhibits. How appropriate since its easter!Chicago

This lil chickie just broke out of his shell! Welcome to the world little one!


We pretty much walked everywhere or took the train or bus. Its great having everything so accessible.

Sears / Willis Building

On my last day we tried to go to the Sears (Willis) Tower but it was too cloudy.. so we just went to the lobby and snapped this photo in front of the Lego replica. Good enough.

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