Grandma’s 100th Birthday Celebration

100 years cake

Today we had a luncheon at a Chinese restaurant in Ala Moana Hotel with all the family for my Grandma’s 100th birthday. All the grandkids where in attendance!

Squash soup

I think my grandparents really love Chinese food. And i must say i don’t! I never liked it as a kid. I remember it made me feel “funny” and only now i realize it was massive amounts of MSG that made my heart race. Anyway, there probably wasnt any MSG in the food, but it was still too exotic or just not the great tasting to me. Though at times it was a bit entertaining. Look at this squash soup! We were afraid it would fall apart and spew onto our laps.

Weird Squash Soup

All the grandkids sat at the same table and i think we were all on the same “boat” as far as not really liking the food.

Old Portraits

We showed my grandma the scrapbook we made and she loved it! She started looking at the photos and asking her about them to be sure what they where and who was in them, and she remembered all the details. I was so happy she enjoyed it. All of our hard work paid off.

The Segawas

Here is the whole family (plus grandma okuda snuck in hehe!). From left to right, standing: Scott (youngest), Robert (oldest), Garret (middle), Aunty Sandy, Uncle Allan, Me (youngest), Susan (oldest), Jill (middle). Sitting: Grandma Okuda, Grandma Segawa, Dad (Donald), and my mom (Jerrie).

The Segawa Grandkids

Here is a shot with just the grandkids and grandma.

Looking at Scrapbook

Looking at the scrapbook again – a nice photo.

100 Years Young

My Aunty Sandy made my grandma a nice photo frame with our family mon on it (Japanese emblem). The photo on the left is probably when she was about 20 or so.

Strawberry Cake!!!

OH YES! After all the gross food i was so looking forward to the CAKE! I kept yelling, “where is the cake!” “I want the cake!” “Lets just have cake!” etc, etc. It was so good. Damn, i love cake. Strawberries are my favorite too! It kind a reminded me of our wedding cake. =)

Diane + Jeff

I had my sister take a photo of Jeff and I by this nice orchid. Came out nice. <3

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