First Day in Tokyo, Japan

Jeff at Hotel

After a 7 hour flight from Honolulu Hawaii, and an hour bus ride from Narita Airport, we arrived to our hotel room at Shinagawa Prince Hotel. Not a terribly nice room here, pretty small and outdated, but it will do.

Outside Shinagawa Station

When we arrived it was the afternoon, so we just got our bearings in the city and walked to the train station to check that out, then looked for a place to eat. The area we are in seems like mainly a business section and there were numerous small restaurants hollering at commuters to come eat at their establishment.

Eating first Dinner in Japan

So where did we end up eating? At the hotel food court! Cuz we could all get our own stuff…Dad got some kind of steak meal with a bunch of sides.

Spaghetti for JeffDiane and Noodles

Jeff got spaghetti and my mom and i got spring onion ramen. It was yummy! This ended up being our “go to” spot for dinner… because well, ask Jeff why! LOL!

Jeff an I walked around the hotel for a bit after dinner – there is a dolphin museum and an aquarium, a roller coaster and other amusement rides, lots of shops and a movie theater and bowling alley! The room itself left something to be desired but overall its not bad. So not very eventful first day, but we got there and have a while to explore!

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