Adopting Our New Cat – Mochi!

Meet our new kitty, Mochi! We adopted her from the SPCA, and she is 12 weeks old. She is as spunky as can be! When we went into the adoption room the meet her, she was zooming around the room like a crazy cat, chasing the other kitten. There were about 3 other kitties in there with her but almost all of them were adopted, so she was basically the “last one” left! She actually scratched me pretty good on the finger when i went to pet her, which kind of turned me off, but i did like how peppy and energetic she was. We needed a cat like that to entertain the children.

Mochi Cat 12 weeks

Mochi Cat 12 weeks

Mochi Cat

The one thing i was afraid of was that she wouldnt want to cuddle. But the first night we had her, she slept right by my head all night. She’s a lover and keeper!

Mochi Cat 12 weeks

The one thing that is special about her is that she is a polydactyl and has 7 toes on each of her front paws, and 6 on the back paws. She is a good climber, but shes still learning to jump! We got her a little play structure thing and she’s practicing jumping on it.

Mochi Cat 12 weeks

The back story on her is that she was raised with a bunch of dogs, so i think she acts very dog-like (rough play). She was actually at a San Jose SPCA, but the adopter didn’t know she was allergic (not sure i buy that story) and returned her to this SPCA which was closer to her home.

It is a bit funny, because we actually adopted another kitty prior to this, but it was way too shy for our family, so we had to return her too.

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