Melanie is 2 years old!

Yosemite Snow Trip

I cannot believe how much my baby girl has grown in the past several months! She talks a lot, understands almost everything, and has the most mischievous smile! She is definitely a “momma’s” girl no doubt about it. She cries whenever i leave the house. She is really SMART! It is amazing to me how much she talks and understands at 2 years old. Comparing her to Vinny, Vinny was a mute! He did not say anything or really communicate with us at all till around 3!

March 2016

Currently obsessed with:

Winter Holiday 2015
Carring around her entourange of stuff!

Her hat and jacket!

Dry Erase Board / Easel - Melanie
She loves to make art!

Winter 2015-2016
She is great and kicking balls!

March 2016

Breakfast Time

Currently likes to eat (or shall is say, WILL eat… its a pretty short list!):

Melanie's 2nd Birthday Celebration

Current Routine:

Feb-March 2016

Hadn’t posted in a while, so some of these are a little old. This first one is from when she was 19 months old. She went through a phase of really being obsessed with her stuffed animal she calls “kitty”. Today she still loves kitty but it doesnt get dragged around quite as much… But she does get attached to certain things for a few days.

Here she is at 20 months, playing hide and seek. This is the first time i realized she knew the game, and said BOO! LOL!

She also is obsessed with combing my hair, but she hates it when you try to comb hers! (22 months old):


Dr. Checkup – she is underweight but besides that healthy!

Feb-March 2016

Feb-March 2016

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