Horrible Luck! Breaking things left and right.


We had a wonderful visit at the park with Charlotte…. but just as we were parking when we arrived – i dropped my cell phone on the cement and cracked the screen!

Oopsie, guess my iPhone 6 *isn't* indestructible. D'oh!!! Dropped it on the sidewalk. Guess I'll be buying a case after I get it fixed.  ????

$200 later i have it back to normal.

Then later in the week, i let Vincent open the garage door as we were coming in (with the remote) and he pressed it while were going in and CRASH! There goes mommma’s windshield and wipers. $300 down the drain….


AND to top things off i royally screwed my iPhoto app on my computer by accidentally unplugging it’s drive while updating it. Long long long story short, i do have my photos back, but it was a pain in the butt and took soooo much of my time to figure out. Boooo….

The other news that i got mad about this month was that my TurboKick certification expired and i can’t pay to renew unless i go to another workshop or sign-up for their monthly dues, which i won’t do since i’m not teaching. BOOOOO i said BOOOOOOOO.

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