Melanie’s 10 month Photo Shoot


Between holidays and road trips, I was too busy to write her 10 month post, so see the 11 month post for developmental updates! But here are the photos from her 10 month photoshoot. She loved the bell i had bought at the craft store while buying glitter glue for her new Christmas stocking.


She also had carrots on her cheeks from the previous night’s dinner — we were out at Sapporo’s and she grabbed the whole container and spilled it all over herself! What a mess. Then i guess i didnt wipe her very good before bed (i remember her crying a lot because she was tired). Whoops. When I saw these pictures i was worried she was getting another mole or something… Nope, wiped off the next day. Carrots!!


She really really loved the bell! Mostly eating the string.


I think she knows she’s cute. Silly girl.

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