Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the McGirr’s! Since Jeff is 1/2 Irish, that makes the kiddo’s 1/4th Irish (the other 1/4 is German, and 1/2  is Japanese from their Momma). I bought a cute outfit for Melanie — well actually two! She had a “My First St. Paddy’s Day” sleeper, which i paired with a headband my friend Bonnie bought for her (it is too big but at least we can use it next year!) and then a longsleeve onesie with a sequined 4-leaf clover.

It’s hard to get a cute photo of her “smiling” since she’s not actually smiling yet! But she still looked cute in her green. This onesie also had a matching floofy skirt when i was buying it at the store, but too bad they did not have it in her size! Oh well, would have likely been a waste of money, since she’d just wear it for the photo.

When Vincent came home from daycare, him and I went to the park. They were having baseball practice and he wanted to join in because yesterday, the field was empty and dad had showed him how to run the bases and hang out in the dugout. He put up a fit when i told him he couldn’t go. He had fun running around in the playground but put up another fit when i told him it was time to go home and eat our dinner. Cried the whole walk back! Welcome terrible twos. I made Corned Beef in the slow cooker, along with potatoes, cabbage, and carrots. Tried to get Vincent to try some, but he said “Noooo”.

At least we snapped a good picture sporting our St. Patricks’ Day green! <3 my Irish boys!



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