39 Weeks Pregnant with Baby II!

Just a few more days till we get to meet our new little boy or little girl. And by little, i mean little, because apparently this baby is about a week behind according to ultrasound growth scans, and my fundal height (height of my tummy) is measuring a few weeks behind. My OB is a little concerned and has said he does not want me to go “past” my due date, which is February 7th. I would much rather go into labor naturally then have to get induced, so i am crossing my fingers (bouncing on my exercise ball seem to help last time!) that it happens before then! We have our bags packed finally, and pretty much everything is in order for little one to arrive.

My in-laws arrived on Sunday and will be here for a couple of weeks to help us watch Vincent while we are in the hospital, and while our newborn is here. My mom will becoming up on Friday and stay for about a month. Thankful to have family to help out during this time!

As far as how i am feeling, i’ve had no complaints. I’m sleeping pretty well — better than i remember towards the end of my pregnancy with Vincent. I’ve been going to the gym very regularly and going on walks. I have been off work for a few weeks now — I decided to take my whole disability allotment which is 4 weeks prior to your due date. Best decision ever! I was SO SICK the last week of work — was battling a cold since Christmas, then got better a few days, then got a sinus infection that lasted for 10 days. I couldn’t breathe through my nose, and worst part was not tasting food for so long. Instead of gaining weight, i lost 2 lbs in one week.

But now i am finally feeling better. I’ve been cleaning the house from top to bottom — organizing everything from the garage, to the kitchen, to the closets. It’s amazing how untidy this house has become in the two years since Vincent’s been born. I haven’t had any extra time or energy to put into maintaining the house besides the essentials. We got rid of a ton of stuff through our garage sale in December, and by giving a lot of useless things to charity. It feels great to have a clean home once again! Not sure when the next time i’ll have to really dig up the house like this again.

Hopefully my next post will be about our new little baby! Wish me luck… if i have the same labor as last time i will be one happy momma!

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