BODYPUMP Certified

After a few months of learning choreography and proper coaching cues, i am officially certified to teach Les Mills BODYPUMP which is a barbell training program. I’ve been interested in BODYPUMP for a while but hadn’t really gotten the chance to even take a class… was so surprised when my gym (InShape) decided to partner with Les Mills and offer it at our club! I got certified for free (WAHOOO!!!) so i could NOT pass up the opportunity, even though i am getting a little burned out from learning new things due to my recent U-JAM Certification and being pregnant.  I am glad i went ahead and got certified before having the baby though! I was about to postpone till after, but that would have made it way too hard for me. YAY! So happy i passed, and love this great new muscle-building format. Les Mills is a great company that has lead the industry in group fitness. So proud to be a part of their tribe.

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