Vincent’s First Trip to Disneyland – DAY TWO

We wanted to get an earlier start today! So we were at the park a little after opening (8am) which i’m quite pleased with! We walked straight to Fantasyland since that is where most of the “little kid” rides are. Though we did stop to take a photo in front of the Walt and Mickey statue. Vinny had his serious face on.

We rode the Dumbo elephant ride first because the line was super short and it normally is pretty long. As soon as we loaded in, Vinny was excited to touch the little lever that makes it go up and down. But then when we were actually moving in the air and could use the thing, he didnt have any interest. Too many things going on i guess!

He saw Daddy taking pictures and got really happy and waved 🙂

Next we rode the circus train ride. We were in the animal cage!

He was having lots of fun (little boy next to us, not so much?).


We headed out quickly to California Adventure side to check out Carsland. We rode the Mater ride, which is a a cool spinning ride – its pretty unique and fun because Larry the Cable guy is singing throughout the ride.

We got to see a Cars firetruck coming down the road. Vinny kept saying “yo, yo, yo, yo!”

Then we went on a Luigi’s Floating Tire ride which is like a little hover craft using air coming up from the ground to lift your tire up. Pretty much like bumper tires except you steer yourself leaning from side to side. Pretty unconventional!

It was Daddy’s idea to take him to the Disney Junior Live! show in the Hollywood area of the park. It featured his favorite characters, Mickey and the crew, Doc McStuffins, Sofia, and Jake.


It’s a live show with singing and puppets, and things coming down from the ceiling like bubbles, confetti, and gold coins (more confetti).

He loved that part!!

Monsters ride next. He loved the ‘doors’ part because that’s his favorite part in the movie. This photo is funny because he wasnt looking and it just reminded me of myself when i was young and i’d actually intentionally turn around if i didnt want to be in a photo! (Though not the case for Vinny here, he was just distracted)


It was lunch time so we walked outside of the park to Downtown Disney and went to Jazz Kitchen – great food, good menu– i didnt know what to get!

Vinny has a weird thing now where after he finishes eating his meal at a restaurant he will just sit there, stare at me and start laughing hysterically!

Its cute but i dont know what he is laughing at! And he gets really loud. He liked his pasta lunch here.


Went back to the hotel and took a nap (all of us!) — Vinny took forever to fall asleep again!

The place we were staying at has a great pool area – so we took Vinny over once he got up — but it was getting later in the afternoon and the water was cold! I think he was shocked by all what was going on. He rode down the slide a couple of times and even the bigger slide.

They also had a regular adult pool so we decided to take him there too, so he could jump off the end!

He was barely making clearance over the edge — i got nervous every time he did it!

He was so upset when we had to leave of course!

After pool time, we washed up and got ready to go back to Disneyland – maybe check out the fireworks. We ate at a mexican place in the park, and while we’re eating, Vinny pukes up his food! He had eaten apple juice and applesauce, and some rice and beans. We were glad the place was very darkly lit! But we didnt really have spare clothes or anything, so we just headed back to the hotel room and called it a night.




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