Pregnant with Baby #2


I found out in the beginning of June that i am pregnant again! The baby’s due date is officially February 7, 2014. We used the above graphic to announce our pregnancy on Facebook. I’m not sure Vincent is old enough to understand he is getting a sibling…. he will be a great leader of mischief i’m sure!

The beginning of my pregnancy was a little bit tougher comparatively to my pregnancy with Vincent. Pretty much right away, i started to get really dehydrated/nauseous whenever i taught my fitness classes. I had to start taking it easy so i would make it through the whole class. Outside of teaching, i had no appetite/nothing sounded good to eat, and i had to force myself to eat because i knew i needed to. Worst feeling really — when i LOVE eating! That lasted longer than i liked — finally let up around 14 weeks. I was sleepy and went to bed earlier almost every night, but i wasnt as tired as i was with Vincent where i couldn’t stay awake at work or was tired immediately after waking.


Here is the baby’s first ultrasound at 9 weeks. Heartbeat was 171 bpm.


Ultrasound at 21 weeks, baby measuring right on target (though the legs were a little short), 12.5 oz, heartrate at 136 bpm. You can see it’s eye sockets and it’s hands up by its face.

We are “team green” again and won’t be finding out the sex of the baby till it shoots out of me. Yay!

As far as names, we have a short list but nothing decided and nothing im super excited about either, so i guess we’ll keep looking.

Here is the a belly shot progression i posted on Facebook:

He or She? Belly shot 6 to 21 weeks

You can see all my belly shot photos at this flickr set by clicking here.

Here is a fun comparison shot at 18 weeks. Left side, with Vinny, and right side, this time around. I definitely starting showing earlier with this one, as they say is normal for second pregnancies.

Comparison at 18 weeks Pregnany




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