Vincent’s 2nd Birthday

Vincent’s second birthday party theme was Pirates!  Jake & the Neverland Pirates to be more specific. Here is the invitation i designed:

Vincent's Pirate Party invitation

We planned on having the party in Florida where we will visiting for the week. We invited friends and family.

Here’s a photo dump from the day of the party! (Since i am actually writing this 2 months after the fact!)

Big Cardboard Jake

Grandma and Grandpa bought Vinny a BIG HUGE Jake cut out! He though it was really neat and got excited to see his friend from TV.

Eating Snack

Here he is eating his morning snack of fruit (favorite food ever).

Uncle Peter

He didn’t want to wear his pirate hat until other people started wearing it — then it was ok (but only for a little bit). Uncle Peter and Aunty Merry drove down all the way from North Carolina.

Food Table

I had fun planning the food, cake, and decorations (with Lisa’s help) and making the favors. Here is the table spread!

Octopus Dip

Octopus Dip – ranch dip with bell pepper “octopus” – thanks to Aunt Merry who helped make this one.

Polly's Crackers

Polly’s Crackers with some Pirate Gold (cheese!)

Fruit Bowl - Berry'd Treasure

Berry’d Treasure — fruit bowl. We must have Vinny’s favorite food.


Fun little treasures for decoration on the table.

We also served Buckaneer Burgers, Deadman’s Fingers (pigs in a blanket), and Pirate Pizza — but i forgot to take a pic of those since they were on the other table.

Watching Disney Hunter

We put Disney Channel on and ironically, a Jake and Neverland Pirates show came on AND they were talking about birthdays! Hunter (Jeff’s cousin’s son) came over with his sister River. They had fun playing with toys together – -especially a little car launcher gift i got the both of them from the dollar spot in Target.

Caitlin, Grace, Jeff, Vincent, Denise

Here he is with some of his other girl cousins – Denise’s kids – Caitlyn and Grace.


We opened lots and lots of gifts! Among the highlights – a set of air-filled balls (soccer, football, basketball)


And he absolutely loves trains! (It was a toss up between a train theme and pirate theme – but pirate seemed to fit the Florida locale)

Happy birthday to you

When it came time for cake, everyone sang him happy birthday– he loved the song (and/or the attention?) and had the biggest smile on his face.


Cake idea from Lisa – super easy to make and fun!

Singing happy birthday

He was ready to eat the cake! He was pointing to it and demanding a slice!

Cake time

Yum yum, ate it all up.


Tried to get a cute picture of the cousins together, but Vinny wasn’t having it!

Pirate boat

More pirate decorations. – this ship was a ‘craft project’ i bought from Joann’s on discount — it was SO HARD to put together — no glue or anything so it kept falling apart. At least it looked cute.


Vincent LOVED his balloons again! He was chasing after them all afternoon. [Oh – you notice that big gash on his head? yeah he wanted to jump on the couch and he ended up falling off and breaking a lamp with his forehead. No stitches this time though.]


We also bought him a special skull foil balloon with helium and was super excited to find that one out in the entry way — pulling on the string and screaming.

Diane Tattoo

Lisa bought a pack of pirate tattoos and lots of guests put them on. Here is mine! We also made the announcement of us expecting Baby #2 in Feburary to all the guests at the party 🙂


Here are the favors — little booty bags filled with gold chocolate coins, and other gold foil-wrapped chocolate candy. It’s wrapped with a little medallion i bought on Amazon and the tag says “Thanks for finding your way to my party! XOXO, Vincent”


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