Bedtime Routine

My new Watering Can

Our typical bedtime routine consists of bath (or towel down, based on laziness of parents/dirtiness of child), brushing teeth, change to pjs.He loves playing in the water with his toys. Sometimes he tries to drink the water, or stand up. He loves it when we poor the water from a cup above his head.

Kisses at Bedtime

Normally, i still nurse him at bed time, though recently we are in the process of weaning him, so some nights daddy has been reading him a book instead. Normally after I nurse him I read a book, let him play a little in his room, then sing songs. I always end the night with Twinkle twinkle, and swing him up and down in front of the mirror. Then give him hugs and kisses and drop him in his crib.

He doesnt cry or anything, he just plays around in his crib, dropping all his toys over the end. Sometimes it takes him a long while to fall asleep though. He just talks to himself.

Hanging my legs off the side of the crib

He also has a habit of throwing his legs through the slats and sometimes getting them stuck..unfortunately we dont go in there when he cries, so sometimes we dont know for a while that he is actually in trouble. He is seeming to learn now though that its not a good idea to do that anymore.


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JEALOUS! 😉 Maddie used to be fine with being left in her crib then something happened when she got older she started having nightmares and the sweet little phrase, “Mommy I scared” broke my heart then I started to stay by her side until she fell asleep and to this day we have to do that with both of them. I’m a sucker for them when they are scared…don’t fall into that trap!! I think it reinforces that they should be scared by soothing them when they are scared you know!? I wish I had a stronger back bone and said there’s nothing to be scared of and let her cry. I think the fact that I soothed her made he subconsciously think that there actually is something to fear.

christina  |  May 08, 2013 at 4:20 pm

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