Our Christmas – 2012

Radio Flyer All Terrain Wagon

Christmas morning, Vinny and I bounced on the bed to get daddy up so we could open presents! While daddy was getting ready, i fed Vinny breakfast, then i let him loose in the sun room where the tree and the presents were. He went right to the wagon first, checked out all the presents in there.

Shopping cart

Then went over to the shopping cart and starting picking at the bow.

Shopping cart

He tried pushing it and almost fell over because the presents were in the way.

Radio Flyer All Terrain Wagon

Then back to the wagon….

Reaching for the purple bauble

Then he realized the gate was open to the tree and that he could finally try to reach for the purple bauble that was taunting him all month.

Opening Presents

Time to open presents! This one is from our neighbors.

Opening Presents

Oooh, a really big dump truck!

Opening Presents

More books from his sitter Charlyne and other family members.

Hugs and laughs with dada

Hugs with daddy~

Power Washer!

Santa claus brought Daddy a power washer!

Mmm Tomato Pretz!

Daddy got mommy her favorite snack – Tomato Pretz! Vinny  wanted to try some too!

Dancing to xmas music

A neat Australia bib from Uncle Glenn and Aunty Jill. Vinny felt like dancing to the holiday music we had on.

His very own smart phone

A smart phone from Grandma Lisa and Grandpa Mike – just like Mommy and Daddy’s iPhones.

Cool light show dad!

Cool light up toy in Daddy’s stocking stuffer.

Pushing the Shopping Cart

I can push the shopping cart!

Inaugural Radio Flyer Wagon run

Time to try out the wagon. Smiling and laughing the whole way!

Inaugural Radio Flyer Wagon run

Trying out his new hat to keep his ears warm.

Favorite Light up glitter ball

One of his favorite toys is a light up glittery bouncy ball from his previous sitter Becky.

Fruit and veggie toys

Veggies to go with my shopping cart. I can use my pretend knife to cut them open!

Yeah! Love my car!

I love my hand carved wooden car toy from my Uncle Pat.

Christmas Loot 2012

Here is my christmas loot! A few toys, lots of books/dvds and toys! What more could you ask for? 🙂

For my presents, i got 3 sets of PJs, a handful of Busted Tee shirts, a cooky cookbook, iTunes gift card, Loft jewelry and sequin top, felted soap, and Vera Bradley handbag.

Jeff got a couple of sweaters, socks, a belt, iTunes gift card, power washer, back massager, grateful dead dancing bear cups/book/shirt, and a blue plaid tie.

For our ornaments this year, i didn’t go out and buy any, but we happened to get one of Vincent and one to us as a family for gifts, so that is what i’ve decided to use for this year.

Origami Ornament from Patti

This one is an origami bunny for Vincent, from Patti.

Irish Blessing Ornament from McGirrs

This one is a Irish blessing from Mike and Lisa that we’ll use for our family ornament this year.


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