Vincent is 16 months!

Holiday Cards

New Skills: Climbing

Vincent’s biggest new skill this month is CLIMBING things! But luckily he isn’t too advanced in it yet!

Climbing onto my car

He has figured out how to throw his leg over and onto the seat of his toy car and sit on the seat without rails to hold him in.

Playing wih Playpen + Balls

He loves pulling himself up onto the edge of his portable crib, which usually means he wants us to put him inside it (to play).

Playing with Octopus Toy Box

Any kind of box he sees, he will want to stand on top or sit on it.

Even a box that is not meant to be sit or stood in.

Halloween 2012

He can walk up tiny steps with his feet, and normal sized steps by crawling up them on his hands and knees. We dont have too many steps here that he can practice on.

Saying and waving bye-bye

He just learned how to CONSISTENTLY say bye bye and wave bye bye at the same time. Previously, he would only do it some of the time, and usually not together… but the past few days he’s really gotten the hang of it! So cute!

No other words yet — though sometimes I think he says “hi daddy” and “I did it”, and he sure does talk a lot of gibberish (or is it just Korean?) He has his how language, i think.

Other New Skills

He can open the toilet bowl lid and splash in the water

He can crawl under the coffee table barricade we made to block off the litter box. So once past the table, he proceeds to play with the kitty pee and poop 🙁 Ewww

Moving Chairs

He can push the dining room chairs out from under the table and back again

Making Faces Glass

Making faces through the sliding glass doors.

He matched up the square, circle, and triangle on his toy walker.

He knows how to kick a ball. Our neighbor gave him a “sky ball” that is shaped in a football and i showed him how you kick the ball, so he can sort a do that now (not really good at it yet).

He figured out how to push the lever on this toy with his hand… then suddenly discovered his mouth could also do the trick…

He can hold and “draw “with crayons! Just making the color appear on paper — no real drawings yet of course.

He can hold our index finger with his whole hand while he walks next to us

In the Kitchen/Cleaning Up

He likes to come and help mom empty the dishwasher (or just make mischief and remove all his sippy cups from the top rack and throw them on the floor)

Playing with Tupperwares

Playing with the tupperware cabinet and relocating various items  them all the to different rooms in the house

Playing with Brooms

He found the brooms one morning and was having a ball clacking them around and such
We store all his food bibs by hanging them on the oven dish rack, He loves to come by and rip all of them down one by one, whenever he gets in to the kitchen

Playing the the fridge

Loves to empty out our refrigerator’s condiment drawer but pulling out jars 1 or 2 at a time and passing them to mommy or daddy. Some are glass! But nothing has broken yet…


He started this last month, but he loves flipping his toy walker over and then sitting on it. He insists on doing this, all the time, and gets mad when he can’t flip it over sometimes.

He loves to take a toy, or any object, and come up to me while we are standing (like at the sink or something) and sticking the toy between my legs so that it stays there, or falls through to the other side.

iPad Obsession

As soon as he sees the iPad layout out, he’ll fuss and cry until we turn it on and let him play his Mickey Mouse Road Rally game that asks him questions and helps him with shapes and colors in a story/activity format. It has a few songs on there and all the Disney characters, so it is pretty cute.

Moving his stack of books, one be one, from the bookshelf to handing it to us.

Playing wih Playpen + Balls

Same goes for putting all his balls in the portable crib: throwing them in there, then going in there and emptying them out… loves to do this with any object into any sort of container!

New Experiences

Taking a bubble bath!


Playing with water in a cup during bathtime and enjoying a the showerhead spraying fresh water over my head

Bouncing his big blue ball and laughing at the same time
Got his first flu shot at his 15-month check-up

 New Foods / Eating Routine

Trying to use a spoon

He can hold a spoon, and i am trying to teach him to feed himself, but that’s pretty advanced for him still.

Waffle and Chicken Sausage

Waffle and Chicken Sausage

He loves chicken sausage and waffles at the moment for breakfast. He ate 3.5 sausages, a full waffle, and a yogurt at this meal! And all while having a REAL plate in front of him! (Normally we just throw the food on the high chair table directly)

He still really only loves fruit (blueberries and honeydew this month), and any other type of food he can get turned off on pretty quick. Distraction is the best method for getting food in his mouth.

He still throws his food and cup over the side of his high chair, causing a complete mess and “score” for Butters!

He tried some of my Costco frozen yogurt — he really liked it!

Physical Changes

He has a new bottom tooth, making total teeth count to 8 (4 top, 4 bottom)

Star Wars Shoes

We just bought him new shoes in size 5.5. Star Wars … R2D2 from a local shoe store here called Joy-Pers! Also bought him more socks since he wears them everyday now with his shoes.

Plagio Photo - Month 2

Plagio Photo - Month 2

His head is getting a little less peaked at the top,  and rounding out if you look at an aerial view of his head.

We’re excited for the holidays this year. I am amazed at how active this little boy is! I’ll leave you with this video!

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I love the first picture! He is holding the Christmas card with the picture of Hayleigh! He is getting SO big!

Shelby  |  Dec 07, 2012 at 11:41 am

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