Visiting the Brown’s New House

Our friends Kyle and Bonnie just bought a new house which happens to be right next door to Kyle’s parents house! Sah-weet! They totally scored on that one, and I’m majorly jealous! Their house is in a very nice neighborhood and they even have a pool and several water fountains! Haha!

Vinny 15months in his infant swing

We went over for dinner to catch up and see their new place. Jeff thought it would be funny to put vinny in his infant swing that we loaned to them to see if he would like it.

Vinny 15months in his infant swing

Yeah, not really…

Playing with his water bottle drum

Vinny was having fun getting into all sort of trouble. Dried paintbrushes, various cleaners, small trinkets left out on low-lying tables, the open dishwasher, pool chemicals, candles, books, electrical sockets, you name it! Ahh, yes, so we were chasing after him feverishly.


Their daughter Charlotte just turned 6 months and she is a doll! But obviously, not mobile yet… She has the biggest, brightest, cutest smile! And she is strong! Been putting weight up on her feet since we last saw her at 4 months, and can sit up if she gets propped up. It will be fun when the kids can run around together. I am sure we’ll use their pool often!

Playing with his water bottle drum

Vinny found an empty water jug and was lifting up in the air, which was funny because he had his superman outfit on!

Playing with his water bottle drum

Then he started banging on it like a drum! See, he is totally having the time of his life right there.

Dinosaur and an elephant

We put the kids in their halloween outfits to snap some pix. Actually got Vinny to sit still for two seconds!

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