Prepping for Vinny’s Party

Blowing up balloons

Getting all our preparations ready for tomorrow’s party. The balloons and decorations are up! I put my dad and Mike to work! Haha!

Guys playing croquet

Jeff bought a croquet set for people to play during the party. The guys played a round.

Vinny's Birthday Balloons

Vincent's First Birthday

There were a couple of balloons that fell the ground and Vinny had a blast chasing after them, biting them, bouncing them, etc. I was afraid they would pop, but it never did.

Vinny's Birthday Balloons

Jeff dressed Vinny in his TEAM USA basketball jersey, since tonight is the start of the London Summer Olympics! (Of course you can’t see his jersey though since he is wearing a bib…dangit)

Professional Cleaning

Getting ready for bed… i let my dad brush Vinny’s teeth. His first “professional” cleaning! And by that i just mean, a professional person doing it of course. Don’t think he’ll be to the dentist chair in a while. But he does have 4 teeth on the top and 2 on the bottom so far!

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