A Warm Weekend Worthy of a Wade

Playing in the Kiddie Pool

This weekend was warm – in the 80s (ok so warm for Monterey, right!). We thought it’d be fun to buy a kiddie pool and let Vinny play in it.

Jeff prepped the water while Vinny took his nap. (He actually slept a couple hours!)

Playing in the Kiddie Pool

When he woke up we stripped him naked and plopped him in with some bath toys. I got a new turtle from my trip to Target that morning that putts around in the water. (not pictured…)

Playing in the Kiddie Pool

Vinny loved splashing in the water! I got in there with him, just for fun. Surprisingly he stayed in one spot. I thought he’d try to stand up and go to the edge of the pool but he behaved well.

It was getting cold outside by the time he got in the pool so we didn’t spend long in there.

Bubble Machine

After we toweled off, we played with a new automatic bubble machine that Jeff bought while he was out buying the kiddie pool at Toys R Us.

Smiling of the camera

I took some cute pictures of him. He really loves the camera… (and the camera strap!).


Vinny got real spoiled today because I also bought him a play tunnel and a mega blok play table (Legos for lil ones) He loved all his new toys!


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