Vincent’s First Day at Daycare


Vincent is being eased into daycare by going half days this week. The lady who watches him (Miss Becky) also watches another boy, Logan, who is a couple months older than Vincent. When we dropped him off, he did start to let out some hesitant cries, but nothing like his full blown hysteria when he saw Angie. Becky sent us the photo below a few hours into his stay on his first day:

First day at Daycare

In the few hours that he was there he drank a few ounces from his bottle and slept 40 minutes. Pretty darn good! I was worried he wouldn’t take the bottle at all, but seems like he is doing just fine with it. He looks like he has tears in his eyes in the photo above, but is smiling now. So cute. When my mom and I went to pick Vincent up he looked SO TIRED because he was used to napping every 2 hrs but was getting much less sleep than that – probably from all the commotion. He barely even noticed me come in the room h was that tired! But i am sure happy to see me.

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