3 months old!

3 months

Vincent turns 3 months old today! He is now 24.5 inches long and weighs 13.4 lbs. As far as milestones, he still is not very good at lifting his head up off the ground. He does it pretty well on the boppy, but off the floor by himself he struggles a lot! But what he has been doing the past few days is talking up a storm! I think he is testing to see how loud he can grumble and yell. It is pretty cute.

3 months

Also, I read online that you can play a game with them by sticking your tongue out an seeing if they copy you. He has just recently caught on to that.

3 months

The weather here has been nice. Some days it’s a little cooler in the mornings, but usually still warms up by the afternoon enough to take a walk around the block. Our sunroom is a really nice place to lay out with Vincent on the floor (despite the kitty litter being right there too! We’ll have to address that one day…)

3 months

Vincent just loves his mobile in the crib. If he is grouchy you can put him in there and his whole body will light up!


I bought Vinny a seahorse that is kind of like a glo-worm that plays music and lights up. It is supposed to be used as a sleeping aid, and the first night we got it i used it during bedtime and i think it perked him up too much cuz he didn’t fall asleep for a while afterwards. But none-the-less it’s still a cute and usable toy.

Jeff Vinny Butters Couch

On Sunday Vincent took a really long nap (3+ hours) during the day – must have been his growth spurt. Here he is with Daddy and big brother Butters!

Here Daddy is playin’ the drums with Vinny! He loves to laugh!

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Hayleigh has the pink seahorse, she LOVES it.

Shelby G  |  Nov 16, 2011 at 5:10 pm

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