Mommy’s Wrist

Bandaged Hand

A few weeks ago my elbow started really hurting, especially at night. It was from constantly holding Vince on my left arm. I think one day i must have overcompensated by holding more of his weight with my hand, and then pulled a tendon or something because now whenever i move my thumb in a certain direction, it REALLY hurts, like its popping out of place. I went to see my chiropractor (since my back was also hurting and i haven’t had an adjustment in ages) and they bandaged it up for me. It now actually feels a lot worse when i happen to move it wrong, but i think its because of the force that trying to keep it in place. Hopefully it gets better soon because it’s really hard to pick up Vinny, change his diaper, put him down for a nap, nurse… um pretty much everything — without using my thumb! Yeouch! I looked it up online and i guess the condition is called Mommy’s wrist aka De Quervain Syndrome.


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