Bottle Feedings, Postpartum Check up


Things have been going along pretty well lately. Vincent is a good baby and the only hard part really is how frequent he seems to nurse during the day. Daddy has been helping with diapers when he gets home from work and has been able to give him a bottle a few times this past weekend allowing me to rest here and there. We actually tried him on the bottle a while back when he was only 3 weeks old to see of he would take it and though it took a little work at first, he did take it. Since then I’ve been trying to pump whenever I could, which equaled to almost never because Vincent eats every hour during the day unless he naps then it might be an hour and a half. I finally got to pump when he started sleeping 3-4 hours at night and would only want to eat from one side. I’d then be able to pump the other side. Jeff says he likes feeding him because it allows them to bond together.


On Friday night our friends Carrie and Roger came over and brought us some dinner, which was very nice of them. Their little girl Lilia is 8 months old and is crawling now! Butters did not like that though! He hissed at her and kept poofing up. Hope he gets used to crawling babies soon. Not sure why he reacted that way since he has seen Patti’s boy Evan crawl around our house before.

That night i had body aches and started getting the chills, which i knew meant I had a fever.  I just thought I was sick from Angie who had visited the weekend before with a cold. But then a friend of mine asked if i was sure it wasn’t mastitis. I realized my right boob did hurt a little since yesterday and so it prolly meant i had a plugged duct. Since it was Saturday i couldnt see the doctor for antibiotics so i decided to wait and see if i felt better the next day.  If i didn’t then i already had an appointment scheduled for Monday.  I took some pain meds/fever reducer that i had leftover from my delivery and i seemed to help. By Monday i felt back to normal.


My 6-week postpartum check-up went well, got a pap smear and healed up pretty good despite a third degree tear (ouch!). There is some scar tissue and sensitive traumatized areas (lol), but doctor was pleased. This was my first outing with Vincent by myself. He fell asleep on the car ride to and from.. and at the office he cried a bit because he wanted to be held and was hungry. Since my doctor always runs late, i had to feed him twice while i was waiting but luckily i was called into the room so i had some privacy.

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