1 month old, Filling Out the Baby Book

Vincent 1 Month

This month has flown by! We’ve been kept quite busy this past month with my mom and dad visiting, my in-laws visiting, and Jeff being in vacation. After the visitors went back home, Jeff and I had a restful week together while he was still on vacation.  Jeff’s been doing all the grocery shopping and most of the cooking while i take care of Vinny. In fact i haven’t driven my car in a month! Really haven’t been outside the house besides to go to doctor appointments and visit day cares, mostly because the still baby nurses very often, about every 1.5 hours on average during the day. Can’t really leave for long without him, and with him, it just would seem like too much work quite frankly! But i am looking forward to when his feedings spread out so i can begin to do more things besides sit around the TV all day.

Vincent's Baby Book

Jeff’s mom gave us this baby book to fill out for Vincent. It has quite the amount of information in it! It asked all kinds of questions, not only about Vincent, but about being pregnant, baby showers, visitors, and an extensive history of his grandparents.

Filling out Vincent's Baby Book

It was fun to fill out while they were here visiting so we could get the right information.

Vincent Certificate of Birth

Here is the unofficial Certificate of Birth from the hospital. It has a Dennis the Menace theme (as did the Labor and Delivery section of the hospital). Cute footprints! Jeff said the first one they did was messed up so they had to do it again.

Vincent's Birth Announcement

Here is the birth announcement that i designed (well stole the idea from an example online!) and mailed to friends and family. Everyone loved it! He definitely looks like he is smiling in the photo.


Here is a photo on his 4 week birthday. The mickey mouse mat was handmade by one of my mom’s friends.

Vincent 1 Month Check Up

Vincent had his 1-month check up on Friday the 26th. While we were there, he was hungry, therefore a little cranky, so when we had to undress him and get him measured and weighed he was crying almost hysterically which made him have a bunch of tears running down his face! It was kinda sad. Next doctor appointment is at 2 months and he will really have something to cry about then because he will get his first vaccinations.

Yum-o Shave Ice!

Here is his growth photo next to the shave ice! What a long boy he is.


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