Late Night, Early Morning Feedings


I have been exclusively breastfeeding Vincent and let me say it is hard work! I didn’t have much issues with him learning to latch or anything, and have been lucky that my nipples are not sore at all. But after a few weeks of what seems to be constant feeding (every 1-2 hours during the day if he is awake, every 2-3 hours at night) it can be exhausting! And sometimes i think he is not latching very well and gulping too much air while he drinks causing him to be extra gassy. But he is gaining weight well and has lots of wet and poopy diapers so i guess that is all that matters! Sometimes at night he is SO NOISY making all kinds of grunting and farting sounds! It’s kind of funny but not really when you are trying to sleep and you are anticipating he will get up at any moment, so you can’t really fall asleep easy, AND you are already seriously sleep deprived.

Middle of the night - i got company

Butters is now allowed back in our room. He does absolutely fine with the baby. A few times he wanted to jump on the pack’n play’s changing table, but we just shoo him off. During middle of the night feedings he comes into the bedroom sometimes, meows around, and wants pets from me. He seems pretty oblivious to the fact that there is a baby here, either that or he doesnt mind at all. Sometimes he will come close and sniff Vincent’s head, or stare in his direction when he cries really loud. But Butters is pretty chill and just either walks away or turns his head after a few moments. Recently he has been standing right next to Vincent while i feed him – sometimes as close as on the exact same pillow Vincent is on! It’s quite funny. He keeps me entertained while i am bored and sleepy, waiting for Vincent to finish. There is only so many facebook updates to read at 1 am (and again at 3am, 5am, etc).


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glad to hear everything sounds… normal haha

hope you find time to nap as much as possible! Daniel started sleeping through the night about a month ago (well forced to sleep through the night) we just don’t get him anymore because by now he should be fine without middle of the night feedings.

Hope things continue to go well, glad you didn’t have nipple issues I never did but just about all of my mom friends in this area had major nursing latching issues.

christina stratton  |  Sep 04, 2011 at 10:59 pm

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