Grandma Jerrie’s Birthday

Grandma Jerrie

Grandma Jerrie’s birthday is today! She sure has been helping us out a lot! Cooking dinner, shopping, watching Vincent while i take a shower or take a nap, etc. What a life saver! For her birthday, i bought her a Bare Escentuals Kabuki make-up brush since i noticed she needed a new one, and i also made her a custom photo mug from Costco Online, using Vincent’s photos. She absolutely loved the mug and uses it everyday now. (I wish i took a photo of it but i forgot to!)

Grandma's birthday

I made her some banana chocolate chip cupcakes and a little placemat for her to eat on. I was drawing and cutting everything out with one hand while feeding Vincent early this morning! Gonna have to learn quick to do things one-handed.

Dinner by Grandma Jerrie

Here is an example of Grandma Jerrie’s great home cooking! Smothered porkchops, stuffing, gravy, purple cauliflower and green beans. Delicious! We are so spoiled!

Mom Cooking up a storm

Here she is slaving away in the kitchen! I think she had fun though, i know she loves to cook. She tried quite a few recipes from America’s Test Kitchen cookbook.

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