Last Haircut Before Baby

Butters and Me at 38 weeks

I usually only cut my hair once a year, and the last time i got it cut was in September. Figured i should probably get this done before the baby gets here since i have the time now. I called up Bonnie after work and she told me to come on by that evening, so off i went! She saw that i was pregnant and predicts “boy” as does 95% of the people that guess! Her daughter-in-law just had a baby girl a few months ago so we were chatting up a storm about all things baby!

When i got home i wanted to take a photo, as i always do after my haircuts. I hadn’t got a good one of me being pregnant with Butters so i thought it’d be a good opportunity. Then of course need to get one with Jeff!

Butters and Jeff by Orange Tree

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