Showing off our 2011 VW Tiguan

VW Tiguan

We took a drive out to Toro Park to take some pictures of the new car. Jeff had it detailed in the morning by the dealership. It looks so “cute”!

VW Tiguan

Front grill. (We need new license plate holders! No need to “represent” Salinas or “promote” Cardinale Way, at least in my opinion.)

VW Tiguan

From the rear!


Open trunk. Its a bit tinier than i expected but still more room than the Subaru.

VW Tiguan

My favorite shot. Tiguan!


Interior dash is very nicely laid out. It glows red at night. We got the navigation system, seat warmers, satellite radio, bluetooth synch with phone, all the right gadgets to make Jeff happy.


Another one of our favorite features, the huge moon roof!

Fancy Wheels

Nice rims!

We got a 0% financing from the dealership and will be paying this baby off for the next 5 years!

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