My 28th Birthday

I don’t want to turn 28! I like being 27. Haha, oh well i guess i better get used to it. Every year on my birthday i miss that “feeling” of being excited that it is your birthday. You know when you are a kid, you just get SO EXCITED for that day… well at least I did. That day always felt special. Like Christmas almost! But now that i’m “an adult” it just feels like any old other day…

For lunch at work, we went out to our “new” sushi spot in Gilroy called Sushi Omakase. I only have 1 photo and that’s of our yummy dessert, which was different sorbets wrapped in chocolate. It was so yummy, especially since it was pretty scorching outside especially in Gilory weather.

My Birthday

I got to open a few gifts =) I got a massage at Aqua Blue from the whole team, some bath stuff from Michelle, and some belated shower gifts from Angie and Kathy.

After work i had asked Jeff it we could go on a hike and perhaps out to dinner afterwards since it was so nice out. But when i got home, my legs were too swollen to be walking on them. Anytime its super hot they get like that – only when im pregnant though thank goodness. Jeff had got me a card and made me balloon flowers and a balloon dog. He said he did it during lunch and that when he got home they kinda unraveled so they looked a little funny. But i liked them regardless. I can hardly blow up a balloon, nevermind twist them into shapes!

My Birthday

My Birthday

Since the hike was off, we go to just go out to dinner and try out a “new” restaurant that is located at the old AJ Spurs restaurant out in Marina. My, my, was the weather COLD! Yes, foggy. Happens that way all the time. I needed a jacket! Went from high 90’s to like high 50’s! Silly coastal weather.

Well another surprise was that when we got to the restaurant, we were expecting it to be a mexican place, but instead it was a Hawaiian grill kind of place. Well that’s right up my alley!

My Birthday

My Birthday

I ordered some fish tacos.

My Birthday

Jeff ordered some BBQ ribs. The food was just OK, service was just OK, but i like the inside of the restaurant – i always have it is a nice building. Not too sure if i’d go back, a little expensive and like i said just OK food. But its probably hard to please me being from Hawaii. The orchid in our food was a nice touch.

Got lots of birthday wishes on Facebook of course. Everyone boding me well to my last “child-free” birthday.

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