California Mania 2011

Just got back from my 3-day fitness conference in San Francisco. I can’t believe i didnt take any photos? I think it crossed my mind once but then i totally forgot. Oh well. I want to write a quick review of the classes for my own record. I doubt anyone besides myself will care to read further. But it’s my blog so – there!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fr1: B Steptonic™

This wasn’t my first pick (i wanted to take a cycling class instead) but i was OK with trying StepTonic out. I saw a few videos on YouTube when i was picking out classes and was really annoyed by the lady’s voice which is partly why i didn’t look forward to the class. Basically its a “dance” class on the step. We learned a little 32 ct dance number that was broken down by 2 cts and interspersed with boot camp drills. The only thing i’ll take from this class was the boot camp drills. The dance on the step was fun to do once but don’t think i’d ever do it again.

Fr2: A Step Til You Drop

Gay Gasper is one of my favorites. She’s such a great instructor –  simple but effective combos, great cueing, and easy-going personality. I don’t teach step anymore and probably wont use anything from the class but still enjoyed it.

Fr3: L Yoga + T’ai Chi = Yo-Chi

Probably my favorite class of the weekend. I walk into the room and its dim, the instructor is wearing a chinese robe, and there are fake candles lit around the stage. At first i was like, oh no, what’s going on here. But the instructor was a really great mix of personality and knowledge. I loved the flowing movements of the tai-chi and the stretch and power from yoga. We “opened the door” and “stroked the horse” and “searched for fireflies”… all kinds of earthy fun. Lawerence Biscontini is the name of the instructor and he has DVD of the program we did in his class. I’ll probably end up buying it one of these days. Oh and the best part of the class was we used glowsticks on our arms which made for a really neat ending when we did the whole flow.

Fr4: E Kettle Weights Creativity: Underst. The why behind the How

This was probably my least favorite class. I wanted to learn to use kettle weights since i have very limited experience with them. But the instructor didn’t introduce them very well, and wasn’t terribly organized. He just went right into all kinds of technical sort of stuff which was boring. Our workout was ok, just a bunch of moves not really in any particular order and i didnt even really know how to pick up the darned thing.

Fr5: I Schwinn® Indoor Cycling: Music Makeover

I havent started teaching cycling yet but i thought this class would give me ideas on how to pull music into a playlist. I was pooped and my bike was broken i think, so i stopped working out about 1/2 way through. But i got the notes from class on which songs the instructor used and how she cued them so i think that will help. She also talked about using iTunes “ping” feature to share playlists. Which i’ve seen before but always wondered what it was since i never clicked on it. Now i know! It seems very useful for group ex instructors.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sa1: L Total Body Makeover

Another class with Lawrence Biscontini. We did a very simple yet effective class with no equipment. I learned of a new move called a mermaid pushup, which works your tricep! Love!

Sa2: A Blended Step

Deborah Puskarich – awesome awesome awesome step instructor. My mentor Sandy learns a lot of stuff from her, so i know her style very well, and actually teach very similarly to her (on a very basic level that is!). We did 2 combos then finished with yoga on the step.

Sa3: D Embrace-A-Ball

Jeff McMullen – taken a few of his classes last year at Mania and at FitFest. I wanted to learn more about integrating stablility ball and medicine ball, and got some great ideas from his class. I dont normally teach with balls but its good to know how to use equipment available at the gym.

Sa4: D Ultimate 6

This was basically a sales pitch for the TriggerPoint massage tools. They sell little balls and rollers that help you massage your muscles without the help of another person or going to a massage therapist. The instructor talked briefly about the invention of the product, and the fact that we can do a lot of good PREVENTING muscle strain / fatigue by being sure to massage before and after workouts, and to drink a lot of water! I bought a kit and it feels soooo good. I am always so tight and never know how to find relief. I think its a great investment for my body!

Sa5: L Core Commotion

Leslie Grosshauser. She taught SWAT workout last year. I really liked this class! We used light dumbells the whole time, and were moving around so it was cardio and core at the same time.

Sa6: For the Love of Step

Master class with Deborah Puskarish. Just for FUN! Jackie and Kat came to this class as well (collegues from my gym InShape).

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Su1: D Horizontal Gets Rolling

I took a very similar class last year given by the same teacher. I thought it was the hardest workout ever last year. So i thought maybe this year i’d do it again. Well then i forgot that i was pregnant and really can’t be rolling on balls on my stomach and hanging in plank position for the whole workout. So i sat on the sidelines and took diligent notes! I was so tired just watching everyone! Its real tough!

Su2: D Full-Body Flexibility: Yoga Inspired Stretch

My first class with Jay Blahnik, have always heard great things about this guy. His philosophy on this class is that we should be doing ACTIVE and DYNAMIC stretching, as opposed to STATIC stretching that is what is typically done nowadays. He also has a book i will want to purchase to use at home.

Su3: G Let’s Get Vertical

Third class with Deborah! Can’t get enough. Vertical is tough since i hardly ever get a chance to do it.

Su4: D Intelligent Music

Lecture class – great choice for last session of the weekend since everyone is so pooped. I learned a few tips and it really made me think about how big a part music plays in classes. I’ve always been very senstive to music and timing anyway, but there were a few things mentioned i didnt think of before – like knowing when to simply raise the volume and… lower the volume.. to bring attention and order to the class. Or to not speak when the music is too “pitchy” because then you’re competing with the “attention” getting part of the music (it’s better to speak over the bass part).

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