Rita’s Carribbean Birthday

Rita's 26th Bday at SD+

Today’s Rita’s 26th birthday celebration at Schipper. Theresa ordered some fun hats for the Carribbean themed celebration.


The day started off with breakfast of champions – Creme Brulees in a chocolate cup courtesy of Lara (she had to leave early). OMG these things are from Trader Joes and they are SO BOMB but also found out they have lke 78% of your saturated fat value… anyway! Onto the birthday.


We headed on over the Kathy’s house for lunch since we all had brought a bunch of food and need the oven to heat stuff up. Theresa (bartender/project manager) made us some all fruit smoothies and coconut shrimp.

Theresa's Coconut ShrimpAngie's Carribbean Rice

I was gonna make some Carribbean rice, but then handed that job off the Angie. Everything turned out really great. Kathy made a salad, Corby made some chicken skewers and some tropical salsa.

Eat UpUnderwater

Dining at Kathy’s (bad photo lighting here!) Rita’s desk was decorated with fish and nets.

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