New MacBookPro

Butters Sniffs

Since my Desktop Mac G3 PowerPC is so out of date (Apple’s now come with Intel processors) i can’t update to any new software programs on my old computer. I wasn’t sure if wanted a new desktop to replace my 2005, or a new laptop to replace my 2002 iBook. Did some research and discovered that they just released (like a week ago) a new MacBookPro laptop. So there! It was decided to get a new laptop.

We bought it at the Monterey Apple store… ended up costing about $2,000 but we got a Time Capsule back-up / wireless router and a new printer – both of which were needed purchases. Also bought the iWork software suite though i don’t know why i did that since i don’t really need it. (Sales people!)

MacBook ProThere She Is

Here it is in the box. Gotta love Apple’s product packaging. Always every detail is thought of.

Laptop Camera

We all love it!

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