Gran Fondo

McGirr Crew

Today was the big day for Mike! He was going to do a 45 mile bicycle ride from Laguna Seca though Fort Ord, to the coast and back. He started early, about 7am i believe, and the rest of us met up with him at a point in Pebble Beach to cheer him on at about 9am. If my memory serves me correctly i think he finished at about 11am or so.

Central Coast

While he was finishing the bike ride, Jeff, Pat and I went to Point Lobos and walked one of the wheelchair accessible routes. I am always so amazed we live in such a beautiful place after visiting here.

Sun Umbrella

After the hike we headed back home to wait for Mike. It was another fabulous day, and i thought we should break out Patti’s umbrella that she gave us for Christmas that we hadn’t even taken out of the box yet. For some reason i thought it was all red but i was glad to see it had more white on it than red (I was afraid of fading).

Jeff and Pat threw around a frisbee and nerf ball in the yard, and basically just hung out for the rest of the afternoon… ordered a pizza for dinner then called it a night.

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