California Mania 2010: Day 3

Step with Deborah

Day 3 and you are thinking how could my body possibly get though another workout?!? Last night after dinner all three of us we were wobbling around. I think i pulled my knee last night at step class doing a move called “the elvis”. Yep.

Here’s my review of the classes for today:

Su1: A HORIZONTAL BOOTCAMP (Sandra Koulourides)

This class was insane. OK image a whole class on your hands or elbows doing planks and other crazy horizontal moves. Yes. My wrists were hurting the most probably.. i wished this class was a little bit earlier in the session because my body was too weak to really do most of the advanced moves. A lot of them also used gliding discs. Probably won’t use them in class but i bought my own pair so i could train for myself since they’re great and different exercises.

Su2: BLENDED STEP (Deborah Puskarich)

This was lead be Deborah again, and she actually did the same routine. I wished it was different, but at the same point, it was really progressive routine so it was good to get it ingrained in my head. At the end of class we did yoga off the step. I wasn’t so impressed on that part. We just did sun salutation.. not sure if the box really makes it easier as claimed. Not too sold on it. I thought it was funny that Deborah kept saying “listen to mommy!” talking to the class. Throughout this whole convention i have been trying to watch instructors closely to see what verbal / visual cues they use as well as the motiviating phrases they say. But that one was silly.

Su3: SUPER FIT BOD (Amy Dixon)

Amy Dixon. I’m impressed by her notes. Very detailed so i can actually remember what she did instead of forgetting everything! Yes.. this was a step and weights class essentially. Not too much step choreography, more just weights and intervals but this is what i do with my weekly class, so i took a lot of ideas from her.

Su4: Real Ryder Cycling

I had actually signed up for another plyometrics class but it was canceled, which is fine by me because i wanted to take at least one cycling class. This one featured new bikes that “swayed” back and forth like real bikes. Its really fun to ride, a little bit to get used to, but i like the feeling. I even got a free t-shirt.

Real Ryders

After the last session, i had to drive home for 2 hours in the pouring rain! When i got home, i think i ate dinner, said hi to Jeff, then went right away into my office practicing some new moves for my class the next day! Oh my body hurt so much. But i liked the pain. Haha! I can’t wait for next year.

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