The At-Home Haircut!

Hair Clippings

So one day Jeff says – “Hey, honey, can you please cut my hair?” and inside myself i say, holy crap no!!!! But i entertain him and go online to buy some razors and scissors. I scour Amazon for hours to find the perfect hair-cut kit. I watch multiple how-to videos, including my favorite “How to cut your man’s hair”. I watch, i learn… i say “I am ready”.

Today is the day that will live in infamy! We put on his garbage bag cape, attach a towel “just like how they do it in the salon”, click on the razor and bzzzz my way through his overgrown mane. OK, there was a bit of hesitation, a bit of, well, yelling on both parties. After a tedious half-hour session, the end results were … not so pretty.

Jeff refused a photo. We got the “before” shot, but the “after” i could not obtain. Here lies the evidence the haircut ever took place. Jeff thanked me and said he’d go to the salon the next day and get it fixed.

So much for at-home haircuts. Next time, he’ll just pay the $10.

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