Saimin for the Cold

Saimin Lunch

I’d been feeling a cold coming on since Sunday, and finally yesterday it hit me good! My nose was a waterfall all during work, so today i decided to take it easy and call in sick. Yummy breakfast/lunch i made saimin with shoyu spam! Mom gave me the hot pad the pot is sitting on. (Yes i eat it straight from the pot!) Isn’t it sooo retro? Somebody hand made it. I kinda like it!

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I LOVE that hot pad!! That is so cool! I have no idea what the heck siaman is tho… is it kind of like ramen noodles? Did your mom make that hot pad? ya ya made me c ouple of hot pads like that about 3 yrs ago for Xmas and I use them every day.
I do not go online too often but was just thinking about you two tonite & decided to check it out….. I use d to cut Nick’s(my son’s) hair with a little shaver thing many years ago & gave up also– it is a lot easier & less stress to pay the $10 & go to a barber!
Love to both of you!!!! Julie & family

Julie Braun  |  Jan 24, 2010 at 6:13 pm

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