New Years Celebration

Oranges and Mochi

New Years Day in Hawaii with the Segawas = Lots of FOOOOOD. Oh, and some strange mochi stack with oranges on top for good luck! I don’t even know the name of this tradition, but all i know is that you need to have one stack per person in your family. How special, if you count, there is 7 – Mom, Dad, Susan, Jill, Me, Jeff and BUTTERS! Pets usually count in the line-up i guess. Usually theirs is a tiny and cute, but this year i guess we’re all the same.

My mom is insane. When we have a party, there is way more food than there is people to eat it. Normal people don’t understand the scope, but this is what i am used to when you say “party” – overdosage including 2 tables of desserts.

Quincy GrindzGrab

My friend Quincy loading up food at the main table. Family friends and my Grandpa at the appetizer table.

Dessert TableJello and Kanten

Dessert table 1 had cakes, tarts, mochi, and cookies. Dessert table 2 included jellos, kanten, guri guri, and ice cream.


My ALL-TIME favorite – Kakiage! A seafood deep-fried goodness.

Aunty and Jill

Here is the party, in the new living room set up. We watched the Red & White festival on TV from Japan.


Sisters on the wall outside our house.

Grandpa with BeanieGrandma Full

I couldn’t get over the way Grandpa wore his beanie. Grandma’s showing her tummy full of yummy food.

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