Butters Turns 2 (or 7..ish?)

My Adoptiversary

Butters had a… shall i say… FULFILLING adoptiversary celebration with us tonight. Marking his 2nd year with us McGirr’s, we decided to treat him to some cooked broccoli (he really likes it) and a sprinkling of bacon on top leftover from our Zuppa Tuscana Soup dinner (Olive Garden-inspired). Before we had a chance to give him his treat, Jeff caught him on the kitchen counter finishing up half a package of cooked bacon… about 8 slices we reckoned. Kitties can’t eat that much bacon can they?!?! Well Butters did… and he didn’t seem to have much side effects besides a full tummy and non-stop licking his chops and paws for a good half hour after the incident. Nevertheless, we continued giving him his presents – a new toy and cat food dish. What a spoiled kitty he is!

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